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Many of us find something missing in our lives and don’t quite know what it is until we find ourselves in the openness of the out-of-doors. We go for drives, for picnics, for walks, to feel the broad expanse of the sky and landscape. Everything washes over our senses…the smells, the movement of the air, and especially the colors,… colors of every intensity and hue.


Within all of us is the need to learn. How many times can you see a daisy without counting its petals? How many times can you pass by Honey Suckle without stopping to smell its fragrance? How long does it take before you take a magnifying glass to the bunny-faced flower of the Figwort. Ahaaa! Gotcha on that one, didn’t I?


There is something exciting about seeing a wildflower in the field and then finding it again in a book or on the web. There is an inner pride that comes from an accumulation of facts about Mother Nature’s handiwork.


This portion of the site will take some time to complete. Please be patient with us on this. We have compiled (over thousands of hours of research) many images that are not necessarily for print or production, but rather show the flower in a close-up form as well as the entire plant and the general landscape, where possible, to help you identify what you find.


This portion of the site is actually our fondest love. We have had so much fun and enjoyment doing this over the years that we hope to offer a place where the novice and professional alike can come and get information…. If you would like to know when this is operational, send us an email with your email address and a brief note, and we will notify you when there is data here for your use.


When this link on our site is finished, you will be able to search our wildflower library by color or by common name.



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