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Photographic Greeting Cards from Wildflower Bill


We are pleased to offer a wide variety of custom greeting cards. Each card is unique and individually printed on 100% rag “Velvet Fine Art” paper.  This paper is card stock weight and guaranteed to be archival.


Since each card is printed individually, we guarantee consistent color quality, archival inks and a “personal” touch you can see and feel in every card.


Photo selections cover a wide range of subjects. Our love and passion are wildflowers, but we are always on the lookout for great photo subjects of “any kind.”


In the gallery, we have endeavored to arrange the cards by subject. In many cases, however, things in nature overlap. Our hummingbird card also features the “Fire Chalice” close-up on the back.  Where appropriate, we have used an inset on the back of each card to compliment the subject matter on the front.


Cards are sold in boxes of 10 or more for $2.75 per card (including speckletone envelope), plus shipping and handling. Card size is 8 ½ x 5 ½ flat, folding to 4 ¼ x 5 ½ (A2 size). A single card will mail for standard postage fee.

Each card is printed on one side only - inside of card is free for your personal notes - and packaged in a two-piece box with clear top.  Cards are beautifully tied with ribbon and placed on top of envelopes making a lovely presentation in the clear top box. Use for your personal thank you’s and notes or as great gifts for friends, family, and business.


We offer our personal guarantee that all photos represent as accurate a reproduction of the subject as possible.  Only standard photo enhancements are applied when needed…NO overcorrection to make colors look different that they really are. All too often publishers “enhance” the originals way beyond reality…we will NEVER do that. Some photos have been altered with special effects such as making a color print a sepia tone/black & white etc. but never altered in basic values unless specifically noted.


Since we are continually taking new pictures, we will be adding new images to our collection on a regular basis, both in the card section and in the prints section. Please check back regularly to look for new images. They will be under the “New Images” heading located in the “Store.” We will rotate them out into their normal category about every 60 days.


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