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Flat Creek Graphics & Photography is pleased to offer you the option of having us put together a collage of our photos with special messages you may wish to write. There are a couple of examples in the slide show to the right. If you are not really good at Creative Writing, send us an outline of what it is you are trying to convey and we will re-write it for you…subject to your final approval before printing.


To do this, you must provide us with the exact “matte size” you will be using in your store bought frame. This way we can nicely arrange the photos and text to fit in the space required. The other option is to simply choose your photos, send us the text and we will format it to a size that looks best (maximum 12” x 18”) and then you can have it “custom” framed at your local frame shop.


You can use our email form to send us the copy and photo choices. We will do the layout and send you an Adobe PDF file for you to proof. Once approved, we will produce the final print on the paper of your choice and ship it to you.


When choosing your photos simply refer to the “name” of the photo in the store section of the website. You can use any image from either the greeting card section or the prints section.


The cost for this service is on a "time" basis. The average production cost of an 11 x 14 collage with three photos and two blocks of text will cost from $45 to $60.00. To estimate your total cost, simply add the cost of a "print," based on size, from our High Quality Prints section to the production cost. (Plus shipping & handling.) Any changes from original copy may be subject to an additional charge if it requires re-formatting.


Production cost $55.00 (will vary based on complexity)
Print Cost (11 x 14) $75.00 (will vary based on final print size)
Shipping $4.50 (will vary based on shipping location)


Collages may be produced from your images, but must be quoted on an individual basis
( for a quick quote, contact us via email). Flat Creek Graphics and Photography cannot be
responsible for the quality of images you provide.


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